Homage to Hathor


Egyptian temple music, featuring musical scales based on the geometry of Egypt’s sacred architecture. With harp, enchanting vocals, violin, Egyptian scale flutes and gong, one is transported to the elevation of humanity reached by Egypt’s legacy of spiritual alchemy. Tracks include: House of Horus, Mari, Sa Ra, Abyddos, The Osirian, Hu Ra Eli.

This deeply sacred music is dedicated to the Hathors, celestial beings who move with pure equanimity and unity of purpose, infusing the Earth with blessings of beauty and healing sound.

Product Description

1. House of Horus
2. Mari
3. Sa Ra
4. Invocation to Hathor
5. Hu Ra Eli
6. Gossamer Sky
7. Fields of Light
8. Iahu
9. Abyddos
10. The Osirian
11. Sarasvati’s Call
Total Playing Time: 51:56

Released in 2003.

Recommended if you like Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Judy Collins.


  1. admin

    “I listen to this CD constantly! It feels like I have entered the temple of healing.” —S.S.

  2. admin

    “You touch the majesty and joy of creation.” —Ananda Music, Poland

  3. admin

    “This music takes one on a temple journey, continually moving deeper and deeper to the sanctuary of the soul.” —RMB, Shamanic facilitator and life coach.

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